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Denim update


Crotch blowout on my Nudie Slim Jims! It is repairable I think so these will still see some use. I wore them for 8 months straight before my thighs developed holes in them, and nearly 2 years before anything like this happend. Had them for about 2 years, 2 months. 1 machine wash, 1 soak.

Now my Naked & Famous Deep Indigos got immediately reinforced, but honestly, didn’t really need it. The first hole developed after 1 year of 5 days a week wearing. These are a pain in the butt to get any sort of contrast.

1 soak.

And my newest project (which will be put on hiatus in favor of more light weight summer denim): Naked & Famous Elephant Skins.

I’ve worn these about 5 days a week for 2 months straight. These are getting a considerable amount of higher contrast than any other company I’ve worn.


Full album here: http://bit.ly/fWijbH